Lucas Foglia : ‘A Natural Order’ @ galerie du jour, Paris

A Natural Order
‘I grew up with my extended family on a small farm in the suburbs of New York City. While malls and supermarkets developed around us, we heated our house with wood, farmed and canned our food, and bartered the plants we grew for everything from shoes to dental work. But while my family followed many of the principles of the back-to-the-land movement, by the time I was eighteen we owned three tractors, four cars, and five computers. This mixture of the modern world in our otherwise rustic life made me curious to see what a completely self-sufficient way of living might look like.
From 2006 through 2010, I traveled throughout the southeastern United States befriending, photographing, and interviewing a network of people who left cities and suburbs to live off the grid. Motivated by environmental concerns and the global economic recession, they build their homes from local materials, obtain their water from nearby springs, and hunt, gather, or grow their own food.
All the people in my photographs are working to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle, but no one I found lives in complete isolation from the mainstream. Many have websites that they update using laptop computers, and cell phones that they charge on car batteries or solar panels. They do not wholly reject the modern world. Instead, they step away from it and choose the parts that they want to bring with them.’
 Lucas Foglia, 2012

‘The natural order of things is when a species gets dominant in its niche it overruns it completely to the point where it eats all of its food and then it crashes and burns. In my opinion, if we ever succeed in being sustainable, it will be the first non-natural thing we’ve ever done.’
 Frank (Florida)

‘Most people can’t walk away from their kid’s schools or their jobs or their mortgages, or whatever. But they can take some steps in just teaching themselves – learning more about gardening, learning more about food preservation and taking care of their own health.
…if there is any hope at all of being able to transition into a less chaotic life.’
Talia (North Carolina)

‘Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s the closest that I’ve seen when it’s functioning…we’re getting most of our food from the land and we’re living mostly outside – learning what we can make shelter out of, what we can eat, what we can make medicine out of. We are coming to understand how it’s possible to live without civilization.’
 Natalie (North Carolina)

Lucas Foglia : ‘A Natural Order

15 novembre > 28 décembre 2013

galerie du jour agnès b.

44, rue Quincampoix

75004 Paris


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