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The Cigarettes : ‘Will damage your health(Compilation, Detour Records, 2002)

The story of U.K. D.I.Y. : 131 experimental underground classics from 1977-1985

“DIY was so grassroots and homemade that it’s a repudiation of a controlled narrative and is more the story of an upwelling desire channeled into common outlets – its participants had no other choice than to keep making music and no other options than to keep putting it out this way.”

Homer Sykes : ‘This is England’


© Homer Sykes


© Homer Sykes


© Homer Sykes


© Homer Sykes


© Homer Sykes

Homer Sykes : ‘This is England’ (Poursuites-Éditions, 2014)

Ouvrage publié à l’occasion de l’exposition

‘Homer Sykes, England 1970-80’

27 juin > 12 octobre 2014

Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau de Gentilly

‘This Ain’t Chicago : The Sound Of Underground UK House & Acid 1987-1991’

Richard Sen presents ‘This ain’t Chicago, The Underground Sound of U.K. House & Acid 1987-1991‘.

Une compilation exigeante et pointue pour revivre le Summer of Love de 1988, quand l’Angleterre s’extasiait au son des TB-303.

Baby Ford : ‘Crashing